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cannabinoids for a next generation products

We are botanics entuziast with the common aim to bring a vast potential of cannabinoids and other natural compounds for wellbeing. From organically grown hemp to the most innovative and safe final products, all the processes are led by our professional team with full 24/7 support for our partners. Our mission – to be a reliable partner for next generation products.

Hemp Cultivation

From soil to oil

Hemp Eco farm is located in a remote area, surrounded by forest and lakes. Our soil is chemical-free, does not experienced harmful or disruptive chemicals. We practice sustainable and organic farming principles to prevent soil erosion and ensure nutrient and biological balance.  Many processes are hand-made with the help of the local community.

Extracts Production

From seed to a bottle

We team up with biotechnology talents, which are dedicated to cannabinoids research and promotion of its vast therapeutic potential.

The crew of chemists, engineers and researchers in the modern lab facility, equipped with industry-leading extraction, distillation and chromatography equipment can ensure quality, purity and stability of our products.


We ensure quality, purity and stability of our products which meets the strictest criteria of the industry. All of the products have been tested in third-part laboratories to guarantee the cannabinoid and terpene profile, and to make sure there are no contaminants such as heavy metals, cutting agents or pesticides.


We are here to be your reliable suppliers of top quality cannabinoids for your next generation products. Development of a custom formulation and unique products it is our pride. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any creative ideas.

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